Tips to Start Up Fast on a Project

Summary In this article I discuss my experiences of the circumstances and reasons that lead to a business analyst joining a project some time after an upgrade or extension project was started. The project has usually stalled to some degree as a result of the technical team being unable to continue with certainty. They will […] Read more »

Business Process Modelling – the basics

This article explains why you should produce a business process model, what they are and how we can produce them. Business process models are important for a number of reasons: provides a business context for the project assists in identifying requirements establishes a shared understanding of end to end process(es) between all stakeholders across business […] Read more »

Prioritising requirements – how to do it and why it is critical to project success

This article is the first in a series on requirements prioritisation. It explores why it is critical to project success to prioritise requirements, why it can be unsuccessful and describes one technique to achieve consensus. Why prioritise? On most projects of reasonable complexity, there is a limited budget and the budget must be wisely targeted […] Read more »

Listen carefully, I shall say this only once

I was attending a workshop recently which reminded me of one of the key skills of the good business analyst. This is the art of listening. In this workshop, there were many stakeholders and many experts with either business or technical expertise. The stakeholders attending were from a variety of different European countries so it […] Read more »

How to identify candidate use cases

This article will define a candidate use case.  It will identify the resources you can use as the source material to identify your use cases.  It will also explain what techniques you can apply to generate source material. Finally it will explain how you can validate your candidate use cases.   Definition A candidate use […] Read more »

Requirements gathering alongside use cases

  In this article, I’ll be discussing some other requirements gathering methods that complement use case modeling and should be used to ensure your requirements gathering goes swimmingly (see Use Cases – an Introduction for more on use case modeling). In particular, I’ll be mentioning storyboards, wireframes and prototypes. I’ll also cover what level of quality and […] Read more »

Thoughts on adaptability

I have been  pondering recently on the importance of adaptability for a business analyst. Definition of adaptability It seems to me that adaptability is a key skill of a business analyst because no two projects are alike. It’s not possible to apply a template approach to every project situation with which you are confronted. However, I looked […] Read more »