Business Analyst Mentor starts mentoring!

You may have noticed the absence of any instructional articles in the last couple of weeks. I apologise for this but I’ve been establishing a mentoring service which I’m now trialling. Service should return to normal soon 😉 I was contacted by an aspiring business analyst a couple of weeks ago asking for assistance in […] Read more »

Web site innovations

I’ve moved the web site from to hosting the site myself which gives me much more control. I can control all aspects of the site and the improvements include: a better WordPress theme  with much greater control (thanks Visionary) ability to make article and site suggestions (or vote on them) – look on the […] Read more »

Votes of confidence

I’ve been in recent contact with several individuals who have been complimentary about the site. I’d just like to say thanks for your positive feedback as it it unsettling when you don’t receive any feedback and causes you to doubt yourself. Anyway, the comments came from: Robert Halligan, Managing Director of Project Performance International who included a link […] Read more »