JIT BA Coaching due to launch start of July.

The JIT BA Coaching Service has moved from just an idea to a full service thanks to the dedication and support of BA Mentor subscribers. I’d really like to thank all of those who volunteered to assist with this. The volunteers I selected have dedicated time, deep thought and detailed feedback, walking through a wireframe […] Read more »

Tips to Start Up Fast on a Project

Summary In this article I discuss my experiences of the circumstances and reasons that lead to a business analyst joining a project some time after an upgrade or extension project was started. The project has usually stalled to some degree as a result of the technical team being unable to continue with certainty. They will […] Read more »

Just in time BA coaching – testers wanted!

Training for BAs is a million miles better than it was in 2000 when I started as a freelance BA. However, I believe it is often a poor solution for today’s time starved business analyst who needs on the spot, relevant and actionable coaching. Some BA’s that I’ve been talking to about training and Certification […] Read more »

Webinar was ‘more like a best practice approach to business analysis’

Thanks to those of you who attended Tuesday night’s webinar (it was night for me anyway!) on The six essential steps to delivering your first use case model. The technology worked well and, judging by the positive reactions, everyone benefited from the webinar. There were a number of questions and I was able to respond […] Read more »

Feedback from my test students

As the date for the course (Mastering Use Cases) approaches, I thought you would find it useful to hear from my test students. I’d like to introduce Rebecca Nord who works at University of California, Davis. Rebecca has provided me with considered and insightful feedback which has really helped me lift the quality of the […] Read more »