How to make use cases work for you (expert discussion webinar)

In this expert discussion webinar Alex Papworth, James Shields and Edel Power discuss use cases Chaired by Jody Bullen of Yonix This is a community driven event drawing on and sharing the experiences of our community. This webinar is part of the ‘Be a Better BA’ Webinar Series bought to you in association with Yonix […] Read more »

How Business Analyst Mentor will help your professional development in 2010

After considering all the valuable input from Business Analyst Mentor readers I described in last week’s post, I had to decide how to support the readers. It wasn’t straightforward as I have to balance the investment of my time and money, especially when you consider that I work full time and have a family! Once I had the […] Read more »

The key to successful communication as a business analyst

I have been researching current thinking on online training. It has really opened my eyes to effective methods for engaging and communicating with others. This article explains some best practice principles for communication. Ok, imagine you’re a project manager and your business analyst says: this task is really difficult. I’m not sure how long it […] Read more »

Why use use cases?

This article explores when use case modelling can be used, when it shouldn’t be used and the benefits. When to apply use case modelling Use case modelling was originally created to provide a business or user-friendly way of modelling requirements for system behaviour (see – an Introduction to Use Cases). It applies to systems which […] Read more »

How to identify candidate use cases

This article will define a candidate use case.  It will identify the resources you can use as the source material to identify your use cases.  It will also explain what techniques you can apply to generate source material. Finally it will explain how you can validate your candidate use cases.   Definition A candidate use […] Read more »

Requirements gathering alongside use cases

  In this article, I’ll be discussing some other requirements gathering methods that complement use case modeling and should be used to ensure your requirements gathering goes swimmingly (see Use Cases – an Introduction for more on use case modeling). In particular, I’ll be mentioning storyboards, wireframes and prototypes. I’ll also cover what level of quality and […] Read more »